Alexander Howard

Postgraduate Researcher with the Cardiff University School of Physics and Astronomy.
Part of the Star Formation Group.


My research focuses on the analysis of local Star Formation in the Gould Belt region, both observational and synthetic. I work primarily with in the Herschel wavelengths, which highlight infra-red dust emission.

My supervisors are Prof. Matt Griffin and Prof. Anthony Whitworth.

PPMAP and L1495

My primary research area attempts to examine Star Formation in the Taurus L1495 molecular cloud, utilising the PPMAP algorithm to visualise cosmic dust in super-resolution.

Synthetic Filaments

A side project involves the analysis of filaments produced by Dr. Seamus Clarke, using the Arepo code. I produce synthetic dust observations of the filaments in both Herschel and Scuba-2 bands, before performing analysis.


Poster presented at EWASS 2017 - Prague.

Summaries and downloads of posters presented at conferences.


  • Alexander D. P. Howard, M.Phys.
    School of Physics & Astronomy
    Cardiff University
    Queen's Buildings
    The Parade
    CF24 4SW
    United Kingdom

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