RGB image of L1495 in the Herschel SPIRE 500/350/250 micron bands.

My research focuses on the analysis of local Star Formation in the Gould Belt region, both observational and synthetic. I work primarily with in the Herschel wavelengths, which highlight infra-red dust emission.

My supervisors are Prof. Matt Griffin and Prof. Anthony Whitworth.

Section of a column density map of L1495 produced by PPMAP.

PPMAP and the Gould Belt

My primary research area attempts to examine Star Formation in the Gould Belt molecular clouds, utilising the PPMAP algorithm to visualise cosmic dust in super-resolution.

Initially I focused my investigations on the Taurus L1495 region, before moving to examine Ophiuchus.

Stock image of a Neural Net cartoon. Credit

Neural Net Noise Estimation

In this research project, I aim to train a convolutional neural net to identify Gaussian noise levels in observations. This will make the process of running PPMAP easier, though once trained, the net could identify noise for any task.